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Food Items That Should Not Be Consumed With Curd

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Curd is considered to be very beneficial for health. It aids in enhancing the digestive system and also increases the immunity of the body. Rich in probiotic properties, this food item is also rich in calcium, which keeps the bones of our body strong. Apart from this, it is also rich in vitamin B2, vitamin B12, magnesium, potassium and protein, due to which it is included in the category of superfood. Due to all these properties, it is recommended to eat it daily. Although curd is very beneficial, yet there are some food items combining with which eating curd becomes harmful for the body. Combining such things to curd might enhance the taste, but their combinations become harmful for the health. By doing this, you are adding toxins in the body, which rapidly reduces the immunity of your body. Therefore, the following things should never be eaten with curd –
Never eat urad dal and curd together. Vadas made of urad dal should not be eaten together with curd. Consuming urad dal and curd continuously for about 6 to 8 months increases the chances of having a heart attack. Apart from urad dal, other pulses should also be added to the vadas. This can be eaten along with curd after changing the basic properties of the curd. To change the effect of curd, add cumin seeds or roasted cumin seed powder, black or rock salt, a sprinkle of carom seeds etc. Only after that you should consume curd or buttermilk. Do not take milk and curd together or eat food made from milk and curd together. Because both have different inherent properties. For example, curd and kheer should not be eaten together, milk should not be had with kadhi, curd should not be eaten with kheer. Curd should not be eaten adding ordinary salt as the salt kills the good bacteria present in the curd. Curd should always be eaten with sweet things. During summer, people often make raita at home in which onions are mixed with curd. It may be good in taste but it is very harmful for health. According to ayurveda, curd has a cooling effect while onion is hot. In such a situation, you can get allergies if both are used together. By doing this, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, gas, acidity, vomiting etc. can occur. Mango should not be eaten with curd, both of them can become toxic for the body, because their properties are also different from each other. Curd should also not be eaten with banana as eating banana and curd together can cause floria. Therefore this should be avoided. If you have to eat, then keep a gap of two hours between eating banana or curd. Curd should not be eaten with dates as the properties of dates and curd are different.
Never eat fried or roasted things with curd, as the enzymes present in curd hinder in the digestion of fats. Due to which you may have stomach problems. Having parathas with curd spoils the digestive system.
Curd is sour so never eat citrus fruits with it because different types of enzymes are found in the fruits. These enzymes affect the digestive system and pose difficulties in digesting these two together and the digestion process slows down. This can lead to an increase in stomach problems such as indigestion, diarrhea and constipation.
Curd should not be eaten in the evening, the right time to eat curd is before 3 PM.

~ Acharyasri Satchidananda