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Chandraswar Meditation

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‘Chandraswar Meditation’ is for those who want to get relief from the stress of professional, social or familial pressures. Thirty minutes of Chandraswar Meditation daily will bring beneficial results in alleviating the stress. Stress is a disorder borne out of certain improper conditions of the mind. Stress creates profound conflicts in the mind and emotions. It gives rise to many illnesses. Stress can cause anxiety, depression, emotional imbalance as well as some physical ailments. Migraine, insomnia, hypertension and heart disease are some of the ailments caused by stress. This affects our daily routine and hinders our normal performance. As a result our physical and mental health suffers. Stress can be caused due to many reasons such as overwork, illness, unhealthy eating habits, improper sleep pattern, emotional pressures, hypersensitivity to noise, undue fears or sometimes non fulfilment of our desires. The respiratory system gets disturbed when we are in a state of deep stress. During this time the breathing is through the Surya Swar. Therefore, in such a situation, if we change our respiratory process to Chandra Swar, that is, if the breathing takes place through Chandra Swar, then the stress gets automatically eliminated. The body consists of approximately seventy two crore seventy two lakh subtle nadis (channels), of which three nadis, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are considered prominent. Ida is called the Chandra Swar, Pingala as the Surya Swar and Sushumna is called the Madhyam Swar. ‘Chandraswar Meditation’ is an effective ancient meditation technique to get rid of stress. Through this meditation method we can change our breathing from Surya Swar to Chandra Swar with ease to eliminate the stress. This meditation technique brings a deep tranquility to the distressed mind. According to medical science, stress has a profound effect on all systems of the human body. When we are under stress, our body responds by releasing a hormone called cortisol, also known as stress hormone. Cortisol is an important hormone produced by the adrenal glands in the body. The amount of cortisol hormone released from the adrenal glands is controlled by the pituitary gland located inside the brain. If the amount of cortisol in the body exceeds the normal levels then it becomes harmful and also, if the level of cortisol in the body decreases it becomes equally harmful. Regular practice of ‘Chandraswar Meditation’ has stimulating effects on the pituitary gland that controls the amount of hormones secreted from the adrenal gland. As a result of which one remains free from stress, the mind becomes calm and our energy and confidence level increases.

~ Acharyasri