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Brahmatej meditation

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Brahmatej Meditation is an ancient Vedic meditation technique that is especially beneficial to the adolescent boys and girls. Daily practice of this meditation helps in proper development of the mental faculties of the adolescents. It sharpens their intelligence and increases the retention power of their memory manifold. It calms the mind, brings positivity in their thoughts and strengthens their willpower.
Brahmatej (knowledge force) has been considered as the best faculty in humans since ancient times. Extolling the glory of Brahmatej, Vishwamitra says-
“Brahmatejobalam balam” which means that the Brahmatej is the strongest of all forces. (Ramayana, Bal kand, 54:23)

Practising Brahmatej Meditation technique for only twenty minutes a day will give adolescents the following benefits:

Effects on the functioning of the brain: Structurally, there are three main parts of the brain – forebrain, mid brain and hind brain. The cerebrum and the diencephalon are the parts of the forebrain; the medulla, pons and cerebellum are the parts of the hind brain. The cerebrum is the centre of intelligence and is the largest part of the entire brain. It is the hub of intelligence, memory and will. It gives us the ability to calculate, to think and understand, to do future planning and helps us to work in new discoveries and new inventions. It also controls human emotions and speech. By the practice of Brahmatej meditation, the cerebrum is stimulated which enhances students’ intelligence, memory and will power and also helps in the control of emotions.

Enhances the memory: Most students tend to forget everything at the time of the examination due to their weak memory or undue stress on the hippocampus in the brain. The hippocampus is a part of the limbic system in the brain in which all types of memories are stored. By regular practice of Brahmatej meditation, the hippocampus starts functioning well. Thus helping the students to recollect whatever they have read or learnt at the time of their examination.

Acumen: Students whose intellect is not sharp have difficulty in learning or understanding any subject. By regular Brahmatej meditation, the intellect of the student gets sharpened so that they comprehend any subject easily. Students with sharp intelligence become so capable that they start working on achieving their goals and overcome easily all the obstacles that come in the way solely on the strength of their mental acumen.

Concentration: Often, when students are taught in detail about a subject in school or college, they cannot remain focused for long and gradually their attention shifts away from the subject because of their short attention span. But a student who practises Brahmatej meditation is focused all the time and remains attentive of even the finer things.

Decision-making ability: Adolescence is the period of life when the mental development maximises. In adolescence, the entire outline of a person’s future mental abilities is charted. In this period, along with the development of emotions, the imagination and creative faculties of the person also develops. Adolescent students are often confused about their future decisions. Regular practice of Brahmatej meditation has a special effect on the prefrontal cortex located in the brain which empowers the students mentally to enable them to take important decisions related to their future.

Develops positivity and confidence: To move ahead in life and to achieve success, it is important to be mentally strong and positive. This meditation method helps in developing positivity in the mind. When one practices this meditation, one gets filled with productive and affirmative energy. Daily practice of this meditation method, would instil cheerfulness, confidence and motivation, helping in turn to live every day of one’s life with new energy and enthusiasm and thus keeping the mind alert throughout the day.

Freedom from anxiety: Every student wants to excel in the exams. The desire to get more marks often results in extreme anxiety in the students and the fear of not doing well causes negative feelings in them. The practice of Brahmatej meditation removes the anxiety so that negative emotions do not arise and the student leads a worry-free life.

Freedom from stress: In today’s competitive world, children start getting stressed at a young age. Too much stress is harmful for anyone. Increase in stress causes children to become depressed which hinders in their education process. Practising the Brahmatej meditation method brings happiness and joy, which naturally reduces the stress.

Relieving depression: Sometimes the load of studies and peer pressure becomes so high that students often come under acute mental tension. At this stage it becomes difficult for them to maintain their mental equilibrium. The easiest and best way to avoid this is by practising Brahmatej meditation. Regular practice of this meditation method gives the students the power to win over all kinds of tough situations and pressures.

Apart from the above mentioned mental benefits, many types of physical benefits are also achieved with the regular practice of this meditation technique. The water and fire elements in one’s physical body gets balanced due to which Kapha and Pitta doshas do not occur in the body. By its practice, toxins are expelled, lungs get cleaned, respiratory system becomes healthy, body temperature is controlled, blood circulation gets normal and the body’s immunity increases. This meditation method brings a balance in the nervous system and makes it strong, as well as helps the digestive system and metabolism to function properly so that diseases do not occur.

~ Acharyasri