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Brahmayog Samadhi

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Brahmayog Samadhi is an easy process to connect with the Brahma (God), as described in the Vedas. Connected to someone means to be united with someone who is distanced. Distance can be of three types – distance of time, distance of place and distance of knowledge or understanding. The first is the distance of time, our distance from those who have been born and died before us, is called the distance of time, for example, Swami Dayanand Saraswati was born about two hundred years ago, hence the distance between us and Swami Dayanand would be referred to as the distance of time. Since God is devoid of birth and death, he exists in all the three periods of time, past, present and future, so the distance between man and God is not established. Second is the distance of the place, the distance of the place means the difference of location of existence between any two human beings; for example, Ram lives two kilometres away from Shyam, so there is the difference of place here. Since Brahma (God) is omnipresent, He is present in all the sentient and insentient things of the world, therefore, the distance between man and God is not established here too. Third is the distance of knowledge, distance of knowledge means lack of proper knowledge in relation to a concept. When a person does not have the exact knowledge of a particular thing, then the existence of that substance becomes as good as not being there for him. Just as a bulb is installed in a dark room but the person sitting in that room does not know how to switch it on, then that person would be sitting in the dark despite the presence of the bulb which could give light. This is only due to the ignorance of that person. Likewise if a person who does not have the exact knowledge of God, it becomes equal to not knowing God. This distance between man and God is due to the distance of knowledge and the reason for this distance of knowledge is ignorance. Owing to avidya (ignorance), the human being neither knows the self as consciousness, nor is he able to connect with the Brahma in the form of Satchidananda. And until and unless this ignorance is destroyed, a human being would not understand the difference between the body and his self. In his ignorance he considers himself to be the body. But by Brahmayog practice, when the seeker’s ignorance is demolished, then he realises that he is not the same as the body. In fact, God is present everywhere in the form of Satchidananda, but due to ignorance, a person who is shackled by the illusion of Prakruti is not able to realise God. With the help of the knowledge of Brahmayog, the self in the form of consciousness, begins to realise God in all the sentient and insentient things of the world by getting rid of the attachment to the gross body. With the practice of Brahmayog Samadhi, man gets to know the difference between himself and Prakruti and is united with God. And he who is united with God always remains in absolute bliss.

~ Acharyasri